Girls Talk: Best Birthday Gift

I think all gifts are best. They may be expensive or not, big or small, they are all best. As what they said, it is the thought that counts. But if I have to choose among the birthday gifts I've received so far, it would be the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue scent given to me by hubby on my birthday last 2008.

It truly was a lovely gift that was wrapped in pink gift wrapper with pink ribbon and pink card. When I opened it, surprised! It was my all-time favorite scent. I choose this particular gift not because it is the most costly gift but because of the thought. Hubby knew my Light Blue scent was almost empty. Also, he knows this particular scent is my all-time favorite scent and blue is my all-time favorite color.


  1. what a thoughtful hubby you have and who knew you best.. From your favorite color to favorite scent!..^^ Happy GT
    Here's my entry

  2. yay I used to have this before! kaso dahil nga expensive ay naku!! siguro once lang ako nag karon nyan, tapos nag tagal sya saken Sis siguro 3 months (bwahaha) bonggang tipid noh!!! the best sa bango yan, diba?

  3. nice! bango bango nyan! pabasa ko kaya kay hubby to para magka-idea siya for my birthday! hihihi! :)

    Happy GT!

    Here's mine!

  4. i have no idea how that smells like. hee hee. i've never been anywhere a perfume since forever. but, i bet it's nice. and extra special, too, knowing it came from someone you dearly love :D


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