GiftAuto Handles Facebook Gift Requests

It’s been a long time now since I last played few of my favorite games in Facebook. It is because approving and giving gifts back to my co-players take quite much of my time. For sure some of you Facebook games addicts can relate. Approving gifts and giving gifts back to your friends one by one is bothersome. Earlier, I came across GiftAuto, a software that can handle all your Facebook gift requests. It auto-checks your Facebook games which means it do the works such as gifting-back and receiving gifts for you even when you're sleeping. You can download it for fee and try it yourself.


  1. hhehe..I don't want to start playing to avoid addiction..hahah! musta chie..visiting today!

  2. i can relate kasi FB addict ako eh at super addict ako sa mga FB games...


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