Early Phone Ring

A ringing phone woke me and Cheep up early morning today. It was around 3:00 am and I have just fallen into slumber. I woke up after few rings but was too tired to get up. So Cheep did the favor to entertain whoever the caller was. She got  up and answered the phone in a sleepy and quite annoyed voice. I was about to say something bad about the caller who seemed unaware of how it is to be disturbed at early dawn when she called out Cheem's name and this time in a jovial voice. Cheem was outside my unit and couldn't get in for the door was locked. The then sleepy and annoyed us seemed possessed by a happy spirit that we both rushed to the door. We were so happy to see her but were wondering what lovely shoes brought her that early. Cheem said she just stopped by to see us before she goes to somewhere. Haist, there goes Cheem again. She goes where she goes and we couldn't stop her. She said she'll be back after a week.


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