Curling Hair With Pink Curlers and Hair Spray

Bored one night, my sister and I decided to curl our hair. That idea popped when we both spotted the Strong-hold Hair Styling Spray. Since bored of watching too much drama on TV shows, we came up with the same idea and that is to curl our hair.
So I got my pink curlers ready and did my little sister's hair first. Doing it is very simple. Just grab a group of hair strands enough to fit the curler and curl it on. Then spray enough amount of hair styling spray over it. Don't spray too much or it will take a long time for the hair to curl. Just enough amount.

You can do either big waves or little waves. That's all up to you. We did big wave curls because our curlers were outnumbered. We didn't wonder, my sis and I are both thick-haired.
My sister didn't do a great job on my hair but my hair did curl. After an hour or more, we took off the hair curlers and let our instantly curled hair to freely wave down. Haist, it's been a long long time since I and my little sisters truly had our hair curled. We kind of miss that hair style.
I posted a picture of our wavy hair in here. I'll post more pictures next time.


  1. Hello Chie, naa pod koy ing ana na pangkulot gkan pa jd sa pinas naa pa sa ako cabinet till now la na nagamit kay naa mn ko electric na curlier..anyway pila gani to imo blog make over kay ako ipa make over akong blogspot na blog..

  2. Hello Chie..salamat sa dalaw...

    Hahha meron din akong pangkulot na ganyan. Fun magkulot kaya lang nakakapagod no? lalong kukulot buhok ko..

    happy friday

  3. What an absolute perfect sisterly moment.Helping each other to make more beautiful than you guys already are. :)

    Thanks for visiting my Pink Friday entry.

  4. hhehehe...ka cute jud ani...ka talinis sa red nails woi...ehehhee! para dali sis gamita electric curler.

  5. Yap,Mommy Dhemz is right!Use electric curler or hot hair rollers,mas madali ang paggamit taz madali pang matapos.

    I love the bonding of you and your sissy^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. wow, that's nice...i wish i have a sister din. visiting late from PF and wishing you a great week. :)


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