Chic's Classic Red Nail Polish

I would like to flaunt my nails painted with Chic's knockout collection, the Classic Red nail polish. I got this nail paint two weeks ago from one of the department stores here in the city when I accompanied my youngest sis to buy a school shoes. While my sister was busy fitting the shoes, I took the opportunity to explore the racks of nail polish. The label "knockout collection" on Chic's Classic Red caught my interest. I grabbed one to the counter without second thought together with my sister's shoes.

I then tried it on when we arrived home. It looks great, isn't it? I didn't do a great job on applying it on my nails though.

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  1. OMG! katag-as sa imong mga nails sis oi! very nice kaayo... i wonder di ka galisud mag type ana sa keyboard? hehehe!

  2. Whoaaahh!!!! Kakuyaw nimong nails gwaps! Alaga man kaayo! Ako galisud mag-imagine! hahaha.

    My reds:
    Red Scarf & Snow Pants
    Red Artistry
    Hope to see you at mine! ;-)

  3. Oooh la la. I bet your toenails are that color too. I'm going to buy myself some bright red lipstick for next week. :) Happy Ruby Tuesday to you even thought it's Thursday over here.

  4. wow, haba naman ng nails mo sis, i do have long nails but not like yours,how i wish i let my nails grow like that.hehehehe

  5. Wow! I love red polish but I don't have the same long nails as you do! They are really nice..:)

    My Ruby Tuesday is here -


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