GT: Summer Outfit I Am Comfortable Wearing

It's another week of Girls Talk and again it is still summery talk in the meme. I decided to post my share back in this blog today because the topic is about summer outfit. So here goes my shares:

When in the beach, I simply wear shorts and a sleeveless top. Never will I wear a bikini for I am not confident enough to show some flesh, even before when I still had the curve. This outfit I wore in the photo below is for me, the most comfortable outfit to wear even during regular days away from the beach.

This outfit below was hubby's idea. I couldn't say no for he was the one who picked the outfit. I do not know if I can wear summer outfit like this again. I would rather stick to wearing outfits like the one I was wearing in the picture above. That way, my bulging belly and my blackish crouch are safe.

So these are my two summer outfits. I am including that in the last photo for that outfit is kind of special, it's hubby's pick.


  1. san ka pa? ang seksi mo sis..bow ako.:-)

  2. Witwew Kaau! Panghatag pud sa hinaharap, Chie hehe! Seksi kaau! Kakainggit hehehe!

  3. wow naman, if i have those curves and hubs would also allow me to don a sexy top like that, well, get it on! bow din ako:)

  4. witiwew! hahaha..
    sexy..ako rin..parang hindi ko nasusuod mga tops ko na ganyan..hahha..if evening swimming baka pwede pa..hahaha

  5. well, you know what they say. it's not what you wear, but how you carry yourself, that makes you look sexy :)

    and your sexy on both counts :)


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