Fendi, One Of The Leading Fashion Labels

Fendi is one of the famous brands of luxury handbags, shoes and accessories that often used by celebrities and well-to-do people. With simultaneity to the famous brands that we hear and see on TV, fendi offers luxury handbags, shoes and accessories for both men and women. Fendi started as a fur and handbag company founded in 1918 by Adele Casagrande. It got its famous name in 1925 when the founder married to Edoardo Fendi. It was then expanded with the help of the couple’s five daughters. Nowadays, fendi is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading fashion labels with its signature double F logo.

Fendi is without a doubt, one of the most must-have brands. It continuously hooks people’s interest with its luxury products. I am not an exception although I could not afford one. I am eying mostly on fendi handbags and totes hoping one of these days a super man will buy me one. I like the Mahogany and Yellow Zucchini Mamma studded shoulder bag. It would be a great addition to my few collections of branded handbags or would be a great post Mothers’ Day gift. How I wish I could afford one for my dear mother. To those who can, why not check it out? You might find one for your moms or for yourselves.


  1. wow! so nice! love it sis!

  2. Hmm, looks nice ... Thanks for visiting and following my new blog really appreciate it.

  3. nice bag, kaso i am not into this kind of bag sis. i am more into sling bags.:-)

  4. I lkie the bag..looks sosyal..
    parang vintage sya..


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