Featured Wardrobe: Cheep in Her Sundress

I saw this self-shot of Cheep wearing her sun dress. She uploaded this picture the other day before leaving for Manukan, to our parents'. I like this sun dress. I like the cut and the knitted neckline with a string closure. It emphasizes the view of that area. Lol! I've been implying to her to hand the dress down to me but she always play deaf everytime I imply. I know she doesn't want to give this dress away. When Cheem get to see dress, I am sure Cheep will be in trouble for th dress has Cheem's favorite color, the baby blue.


  1. That's a beautiful sundress. Suits for your beautiful sister.

  2. ayay, beauty runs in your family....:)

  3. I wonder who's that beautiful girl I saw above... 'liked her...^^


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