Cheem Turns 21

Cheem or Chemay to the family turns 21 years old last May 15. Yay, it's another year older for you little sis. Although it was a last minute preparation since we didn't expect she was coming home, she was still able to blow a candle on her cake.
Of course, we picked a cake with icings of Cheem's favorite color - baby blue. We only ordered it pre-made from a bakeshop in the city and luckily there was one with blue and green icing. We then added a b-day greeting using red syrup on it.  It worked!
Her birthday celebration wouldn't be completed without the presence of her boyfriend. They happened to have the same birthday so it was a double celebration. They actually arrived together. 
I only cooked my specialty for them which is pork adobo. I also prepared vege shanghai rolls and bought a roasted chicken and ice cream while Cheep made a last minute mango float. Those were the only preparations that day which we already feasted before the cakes arrived. The day after, they went home and brought our parents some desserts. 

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  1. All kinds of red goodies here! What a wonderful way to celebrate!


    Did someone mention scarlet
    Or was it red I heard?
    Perhaps it was a varlet
    Or a vermilion bird
    That shouted out the color
    That’s dearest to my heart.
    (It makes me feel much duller
    If red is not a part.)

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Just a Spot of Red

  2. belated happy birthday ni chem dai.karon pko kbalik che..baling busyha jud dai.mahal kaau aq tutorial mao nagtarong q..gimingaw nko ug sulat :(
    i suck in multitasking man gud.huhuhu

  3. she's pretty grattis to your sis chie:) good day!

  4. Oh how sweet to celebrate both birthdays!

    Hope you don't mind peeking at my Ruby Tuesday, thanks!

  5. same birthday? weee..
    ano yan meant together?
    ..sana sila na..tapos anak nila same birthday sa knila..makakasave sila for sure!

  6. Belated happy birthdays same pala kami ng month 18 nga lang me...


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