Are You A Religious Collector of RC Cars?

Remote controlled cars are toys not only for the kids and the big boys but also for the girls and even the big girls. I know someone in her late 30’s who religiously collects remote controlled cars. For privacy reasons, she requested not to disclose her name. She already has collected quite a lot and she doesn’t care if she wastes money on it for everytime her order arrived, it makes her smile. Some of her remote controlled cars are imported here from the US. These toys are expensive, so collecting these toys is a no joke. There are really people who are so keen on a thing that they don’t mind spending dimes for it.

Some of the cars I saw in her collection are remote control nitro cars. It is the type of a remote controlled car that are gas-powered using a mixture of methane fuel and nitrogen, making them faster to run 100 miles per hour. This type of remote controlled car actually is the most popular RC cars as of the present because of the addition to its speed brought by the methane fuel mixture. It is gas-powered just like the real thing. Just the fact that these cars are a lot faster than the previous ones brings excitement to these cars’ collectors. That’s how addicted they can get into these toys.


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