The White Trend with a Tang of Gold

I feel like a new person. It is maybe because I haven’t smoked for two weeks now. Lol! I am purified from nicotine. And now I feel like a pure person…I dream on.

Since I feel pure, I am bringing along a trend of purity.

I did my thing again online; looking for great deals on shoes, bags and accessories and sometimes just looking for great girl must-haves and then talking about it to my husband. Even though I often get a negative response from him these days, it can’t stop me from trying my luck every time we talk. It sucks when your other half is getting better in saying no to you. Oh well, here are my picks!

These stuffs are in my wish list at I long for these stuffs, just long for ‘em and so I created this style. I hope you like it. This combination is wearable isn't it?


  1. Same with my husband ang pamatay na tanong eh "Do you really need it?"


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