Share-a-Thrift Hunt 002: Clear Shampoo, Buy 1 free 1

One good thing I learned lately is to save. When buying groceries, I would look for stuffs that are on the sale rack or stuffs that can give me discounts. This is a new me, which is very far from the old Chie who leaves the budgeting and the grocery listing to the husband. I never experienced budgeting the grocery money or writing down the stuffs we needed the most before running to the grocery store before. I left it all to hubby. Now, I learned...and that goes with learning how hard it is to budget the money if you do not have many.

Thrift Hunting Meme

So here's my latest thrift find, which I am so proud of. Lol!

I only paid for one bottle of shampoo and got the other one for free. It is a thrift find isn't it? If you've been to the store where I thrift-hunted this stuff, you would know how crazy the place is. It's always packed with buyers and little store retailers anytime of the day. The line to the casher is freaking long but if you want to save some pennies off your purchases, the store is the right place. As to what their radio commercial says, Vallecer is for smart buyers.


  1. P104 pesos? hmmm nice Chie.. mine is up too....

  2. sunsilk shampoo has the same promo and i bought one last week=)

    mine is up:


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