Share-a-Thrift Hunt 001: Yellow Collared Blouse

Thrift Hunting Meme
This is my first time joining Thrift Hunt. I've been meaning to join this meme last week but it slipped my head. So today, I made sure I got my photos ready.

My first share is this yellow fitted blouse with detachable sash and bubble sleeves that I got from a thrift store for only Php120.00 or 2.78100 USD from the original price of Php150.00. 

This is a second hand blouse if you may ask. The color of this blouse caught my attention. When I looked at it closer I found out few features that let me decide to grab the blouse for check out. 

The buttons are goldy-lovey, bubble sleeves and the hanged hems are just great, the detachable sash can possibly give me some shape, and the fact that it is collared,  it is just totally awesome! Plus the price is good!


  1. Looks nice bagay sa mini-skirt or fit na pants, pwedeng formal clothes din. I am also planning to join the thrift hunt kaso wala na akong nahunt..hehehe

  2. Ganda niya Chie...Mine is up too...

    mine is here

  3. And it is a good one as well. I would grab it too if I see something like that. :) Visiting!

    Adin B

  4. that's very pretty, and i love the color, spring na spring talaga ang dating. and that cut never goes out of style. Fab buy! Looking forward to checking out more of your thrift buys ;D

    thanks for playing the meme...

    Lui of GirlonaThriftHunt

  5. aw that is cute!

    here's mine:


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