Rich and Skinny's Bikini Boyfriend Jeans

It seems like this new trend in bottom clothing will soon hit Philippine market or did it? Have you seen one wore this new design of skinny jeans? So far, I haven't seen one here in our area wearing this version of skinny. 

The above photo is Rich and Skinny's Bikini Boyfriend Jeans. It is available at shopbop for 209.00 USD. Looking at it, it is just a skinny jeans but with hem cuffed a little above the ankles. This could also be a long version of that so-called shortkinis.  I definitely can't and will never dare wear this one!


  1. why not dai?i'm sure bagay man mura mkaslim btaw sa legs

  2. i guess the trend on skinny jeans will stay awhile...i do fold my jeans and show the hems...i don't know, maybe going with what's hip? hehe


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