MM: Breath Easy by Blue

"I can't dream yet another dream without you lying next to me, there's no air"
"I can't breath easy."

This is a Live video of them singing the song. 
For the official music video, you can only watch it on Youtube. 
Click here to watch the official MV. It's a must-watch. 

I miss this group. They were one of my favorites back then. I was saddened when I first learned about their part ways. They should've stayed together but oh well, each wanted to embrace fame individually. They were just awesome as well as their music and this right here, Breath Easy, was one of my favorites. Hearing this song again brings back a lot of memories of the year 04, the yelling and giggling over them on TV, a year before they split up.

The Blue Group - Bristish Pop Boy Band: formed in 2001, split in 2005

Lee Ryan (my sisters' idol, he's got the highest voice)
Duncan James (my favorite among them - the guy who sang first in the video above)
Antony Costa (so cute with his whiskers)
Simon Webbe (the black guy..i find him hot)

They are all handsome and have powerful voices. The three Chies love almost all their songs but this particular song featured here today for Music Monday is exclusively my favorite. The song has a meaning, a deep meaning and for sure somebody can relate to it.

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