Huh? The New Three Chies?

It seems like I am crashed out from the 3 chies because a new leader came in with cuteness so attention-grabbing. This cute leader had mesmerized my young chies and so I am no longer in the picture. I just can’t top its charm that is so irresistible and I could only cry.

Here are the cute photos of them three.

I am pink with happiness upon the sight of these pictures of my cute chies. I am smiling yellow remembering how happy we were during the time I took these photos. It rarely happens that the 3 Chies bond and Chizka simply added sky blue fun to it. Now I miss Cheem and her jokes as she is the joker among the three of us. I just hope she'll show up on her birthday.


  1. Paano yan magiging four Chies na, hehe. Love your new header and the color of this blog :) kikay na kikay!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaa...nawala man ka sa scene sis...ehehhee...sos nagpatunga man jud ning imong dalaga...ehehehe...nanguwag naba ni? ehhehehe...sensya sa!


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