GT: Tech-ie Talk, Drooling for Toshibas!

Toshiba! Anything Toshiba is what I love. For now, I would go for those gadgets that I need the most, something that is beneficial and useful, something that could be a money-making mate. It would be either a new Toshiba net book or a new Toshiba tablet that will come out soon in the market.

Toshiba Mini NB300
This one would keep me update my blog anywhere I go. This is a great mate for those who love to travel to places. The size is very convenient to carry anywhere, plus it's Toshiba!

Meet The Toshiba Tablet
I really need to bug my husband with this. This one is much convenient to carry anywhere. I super want this new baby. Hopefully, the price for this one would not be very expensive so my Paypal account can afford. Hubby said I'll have my new babies soon but I wonder how soon though. If I receive either of the two, I'll be happy but if I receive these two, I'll be very happy. Lol! I hope superman can get to read this post.


  1. Toshiba was my first brand for laptop. It lasted for 3 years using it until I handed it my "white" family. Mine is up My GT Entry.

  2. yakang yaka ng hubs mo yan chie, ako din i want one lappy kahit ano

  3. ako rin lappie ang pinakaaasam kong gadget an iPad specifically. my 2-in-1 GT
    By the way Chie, sweet saturday will be played along tomorrow, you might want to join :D

  4. toshiba is a good brand!

    Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  5. Maganda ba sis Toshiba, yan kasi gamit ko kaso old model nga lang. I want sana eh Dell or HP :)

  6. ako I want a new lens...zoom lens...kaso wala budget man....heheheh...these are nice gadgets'll get them soon!

  7. that is so cool! my husband's laptop is Toshiba, mine is an inexpensive brand, hehe.. maybe someday i can buy something better, lol!

    mine's HERE by the way..

  8. At least you're having them soon right? it's only a matter of time :)
    here's my gt entry:

  9. i'm soo late in commenting i have no idea if you got these babies already. hee hee. i hope you have ^^


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