GT: Biggest Fan of Sandra Bullock

Last week in girls talk, the girls talked about foods to die for but I was not able to join because I was pretty occupied with something. Today, we'll share about a celebrity that we adore. 

Mine is Sandra Bullock.
Thanks for the beautiful wall paper. I got this from here

I first adored her in her movie Ms. Congeniality. It was also the very first movie of hers that I saw and since then she had become my idol. I liked her acting in that movie then being an unpleasant boyish police officer who turned into a beautiful darling during undercover. After watching some of her newer movies, I can say she was born to act. She acts naturally and portrays her roles genuinely as if she is that person she is portraying, as if there are no cameras surrounded her. Okay, to make it short, her acting is not OA like other stars in Hollywood. I also admired her strong approach toward the issues regarding her failed marriage. For sure she was sad about it but it was not the end of her world, which is what she showed to us in her smiles.

I badly want to watch her latest movie, The Blind Side but I'm always get beaten to it by early renters. I'll make sure to get some luck on it next time...grrr!


  1. She is gorgeous and i like her too... mine is up...

    mine is here

  2. i like her too dai..naguol q oi kai wla q kajoin kai aq sad unta i-flaunt ang lips ni angelina jolie.ahak naglaag man gud

  3. i love her at first sight in Speed. Love her still :)

    Thanks for indulging my star struck daze. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  4. Her movie The Blind Side is really captivating. I cried. She's really an amazing woman! I love her! Mine is up - My GT Entry

  5. oh you need to watch Sandra in that movie, hope you get a copy of it soon :D
    my GT is here

  6. My fave movie of hers is Speed :-)

  7. MIss Congeniality!
    tama ba spelling ko? her din..
    Late Visiting from Girls Talk! :) Happy weekend!
    To die for Celebrity

  8. another Sandra Bullock fan here! i like her in Ms. Congeniality, Speed and THE NET...

  9. have you watched the blind side yet? i was told it's a great watch. i have yet to make time to watch it :(

    sorry i am more than a month late in GT visits. epic fail. LMAO.


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