Dealing With Depression

How do you deal with depression? Do you bow down to it or get up by taking anti-depressant drugs such as the prozac brand? How many of you preferred the latter? Does that kind of drugs help minimize the depression? We could say it helped you but too much anti-depressant could be bad to your health and could put your life at risk. One brand of anti-depressant drugs is prozac and as to what I learned, prozac has serious side effects including tremors, vomiting, hallucinations and uneven breathing. It is just clear that this anti-depressant drug could jeopardize one’s life. That’s why, pharmacies are no longer selling such drugs or else they'll face prozac lawsuit.

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As for me, depression is an emotion that has right to conquer me. I might feel it sometimes but never will I let it rule and ruin my life. Every day in my life there are frustrations and despairs but if only I am that weak I’ve long been eaten by depression. Although there are reasons to be depressed in life, there are also a lot of reasons to be happy. The reality of our life is not just bed of rose petals but also a bed of thorns. So, I just endure the pain as much as I can and then after that, I see life on the brighter side where I can see happiness.


  1. its hard kapag depression ang kalaban anyway .. thanks for the visit ..


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