Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whole Body Shots of Cheep in Orange Gown

Here are more photos of Cheep in my orange gown during their SHRIM Ball.

I was glad she didn't encounter a shameful experience as I had when wearing this orange gown. I ranted about that shameful night at my other blog, Unmasked Thoughts. It just so happened that I wore the motif of our party venue, orange!

Anyway, she looked fabulous that night. She did shine in that orange gown and silver accessories. It was fun helping her dressing up that day. I know there are more to come and being a supportive 'ate' (big sister) as I am, I am always ready. I am so proud of Cheep for being so diligent in her studies. Even though she had a lot of sleepless nights these past days working on her thesis and school projects, she can still exclaim "carry ni te!" Go sis, it's for your future!

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, akala ko walang whole body shot. Sexy, talo ang model sa projection :-)

    Tama un sis, u belong yong sa patalastas ba..teheee