Who Would Be Wed Next?

It makes me wonder who among my sisters would be the next to be wed. Well, I hope it will be my younger sister, Cheem and not the youngest one, Cheep. Cheem seriously has a boyfriend and they are already together for almost two years now. We already met the guy and he seems fine. The problem though is that the guy has no job and only depends on his mother’s monthly support. It is what our mother dislikes about the guy. Every mother wants the best for their child and I do understand what my mom feels. Even though he helps in the house when he visits there, it doesn’t change my mother preference of a good husband for her daughter. It is still better if the guy earns his own dough and knows how to stand on his own to be a good family provider.

I, myself have a feeling that he’ll not be an ideal husband for my sister but my sister loves the guy. That’s one thing we can’t deny. I don’t know if he is the guy that is destined for my sister but when the time comes when we hear wedding bells, I would support my sister. I would be willing to give them Wedding gifts. After all, she is my sister and whatever makes her happy makes me happy too. My mother will surely do the same as a mother’s heart will never be as hard as stone for her dear child’s happiness.


  1. Exactly clear, for the meantime my resist moment talaga in the part of your mom, and that of course normal for a mother to feel that, she is just worried of your sister's future. BTW thanks for the drop girl and do you mind to visit me here too?

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    I am actually adding you there. I hope you can add it too thanks


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