Which Of The Three Chies Has This Tattoo?

I would like to play a little game. It is just a very easy game for an easy win. This as well serves as a celebration of my comeback to blogging and this blog's page rank, which is now 1. 

So here is the game:

One of The Three Chies (Chie, Cheem and Cheep) got a new tattoo but who among us has this tattoo, which you can see on the photos above. Is it Cheep, Cheem or Chie (me - the brain behind this blog)? I dare you to guess through comments. The first commenter who can give me the correct guess will receive 10,000 entrecard credits and free 125x125 ad space for 3 months. If you have no entercard or not a member of entercard, I'll give an additional 3 months ad space so that makes it 6 months of free 125x125 ad space in this blog.  

Every comment in this blog is moderated. I will publish all the comments as well as the correct "Chie" who has this tattoo on Thursday, March 3 at 3:00 p.m. Philippine time. Good Luck!


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