Sister's Pink Days At School

It is Cheep again for my Pink Friday share. It has always been her as she is the one who loves pink the most among the three Chies. So, here are her pink days at school.

This was taken during the first day of thei College Day. She was sporting her see-through Crissa shirt, pink sling bag and flops. I wonder why she used my yellow wristwatch instead of hers that is pink. Hmn?
This was taken I guess the next day. This time she sported her pink sling bag, flops and boasted her pink henna.


  1. Ang cute ng pose ng sissy mo sis sa first photo :)

  2. hehehe..hayaan mo na the slipper..

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  3. Hi chie, wow, love her flops.. was here for PF..

  4. Maybe Cheep wanted to break the monotony with the yellow watch? But the pink footwear is sparkly gorgeous!

    Have a happy Pink Friday! Visiting.

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    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I like her yellow watch Tita.

    Tea Time for pink. Happy weekend!

  6. your sissy is pretty, just like you!

  7. Definitely love the pink flip-flops. It's cute! Mine is up - My Pink Photo

  8. can I know what is the brand of her flops? it is so cute...

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  9. she's pretty, galing magpose. i agree here, ang ganda ng pink flip flops nya! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great week!

  10. Ka igat ra sa posing sa manguwang nga chie ahh lol

  11. ayay! ka gwafa sa posing sa ate...ehehehe...pede pahuwam sa imong sandal!


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