San San's Luxury Black Shade

Luxury Black by San San

I got this bottle of San San luxury black nail polish for a while now. The bottle is actually half empty already as I kept using it as well as my sisters. So far, I liked it's luxurious shade of black and I liked how the polish stick on the fingernails. It does not easily comes out like other the nail polish I tried. It has a thick mixture with a not too flimsy and not too firm brush that makes it easy to apply on the nails. Since, I am only the one who do my own fingernails, I find San San as the best companion when it comes to nail paint. 

Now I think of painting my nails black and be a goth!


  1. Those are pretty nails! tnx for visiting at my blog...
    I just followed your blog.

  2. wow i like your nails... akin kasi napuputol. jejej

  3. pretty nails..
    sansan make up okay din sya..
    nice to be back here.. i miss your template..hehehe..


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