Music Monday: On The Floor

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite artists not because we have the same family name but because she's hot. For me, she possesses a perfect woman's shape.

So today, I am sharing Jennifer Lopez's latest music, On The Floor featuring Pitbull. In my eyes, JLo looks perfect in this video. She doesn't look fat nor thin, just perfect! How did she maintain such shape? And she gave birth to twins 2 or 3 years ago? It amazed me more watching her shaking her perfect round booty. I am left admiring her, still. 

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  1. Hmm.. this song need some getting use too...

    Happy MM!

  2. I'm partial to J-Lo, too! Loved the video! Happy MM! :)

    Effen Perfect - MMMM

  3. Grat MM song choice Thanks for sharing

  4. Great song choice for MM & happy MM to you

  5. she did a nice twist of the Lambada song...though she's kinda losing her glorious moves in this video
    nevertheless, i love this video more than the singles from her previous album
    thanks for sharing
    Happy MM

  6. first time i've seen this one. jlo is a sexy as ever..wish i could have a body like hers!lol!hapyy mm!

  7. not sure if i like the song, yet. ask me after few hundre times listening to

    jlo has never looked better, though.

    thanks for posting


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