Mobiles Phones To Be Recycled

I have two mobile phones here that are no longer in use. Both have defects. One has a broken liquid crystal screen, which prevents its users to read text messages while the other has a speaker defect, which prevents the callers to hear the users’ voice. I did not bother of getting them fixed since I have a phone here that I can temporarily use for emergency purposes anyway. I’ll surely get them fixed eventually or when I have the time to bring them to a phone fixer but for now, I am content with the current phone I am using. If I get them fixed, I might get them recycled and just buy a new mobile phone out of the mobile phone recycling money I can get. It’s been my plan but I just couldn’t pull through because I have a muddled schedule as of late and I have this little personal problem I am trying to fix. Besides, I am not in a hurry to dispose those phones because of their sentimental value to me. So, I can wait for a month or two until every crumple in my schedule is ironed out and as long as mobile phone recycling is still in service.


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