Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Hope To Bring Home A Tee

I am looking forward to this event I am attending this April 2, Saturday. It’s a concert event in celebration of Bewear Apparels 1st year anniversary to be held in Dipolog City convention center. Tickets are as low as Php60.00 for general admission and Php80.00 for general admission with a raffle ticket. I thought of getting the Php80.00 worth of ticket so I could bring home a custom printed tee, if lucky. A friend who sells custom printed shirts and has a shop here in the city invited me to attend this said event and I will be attending, definitely!

Custom printed shirt is always in the trend list as it is worn anytime, anywhere and by anyone, young and old. It tends to be most popular to youngsters and young adults though because it serves as a way of expressing themselves or voicing their hearts out. Custom made as it is, you can choose your own or suggest your desired prints. Shirt printing online is possible too. I actually came across a site that offers shirt printing. It as well allows you to upload your own designs for your shirts. After uploading your design, you can then order a print to your desired shirt style such as long sleeve, men’s and women’s short sleeve shirts. I read they provide high quality shirts and printing. You may want to give it a try!


  1. tees are my favorite everyday outfit. very comfortable...

  2. Ganda talaga ang shirt mas comfortable isuot kapag busog..hehehe

  3. I always want to buy these tees but I always wonder would it look good on me hehehe