GT: I Don't Like Rihanna's

A song that I hate? This question put me in deep thought. I could not think of a song that I hate listening unless sung by any cartoon characters, particularly the chipmunks especially when they are singing Christmas songs. They don't give me goosebumps at all but fire in my ears. So I think I don't hate any songs but there are songs that I don't like listening because I don't like the voice of the artist singing like Rihanna. For some reason I don't like her and her voice. Sorry to her fans. I tried listening to some of her songs but my eardrums can't really be pleased by the sound of her.  Just like the song Umbrella, I like the rap part and beat but when the song goes "you have my heart" errrrrrrrrrrrr...stop!


  1. Ouch, I am a fan of Rihanna. But its ok. We have our own taste di ba...

  2. hmmm.. not that bad, but i agree, it could be annoying, lol!

  3. i like rihanna too :D although i would have to agree that her voice is not the standard beautiful. but i guess that's partly why i like her :)


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