Email Account and Email Marketing

I was creating a new email account exclusively for this website earlier when I came across a long discussion about email marketing. What is this so-called e-mail marketing? Well, if you have purchased a product or a service from a website and have subscribed to that site’s newsletter, certainly you’ve became a recipient of that site’s e-mail messages. That email is then a site’s medium of advertising their new products and services for a purpose to repeat their business with you. It’s a way of gaining potential costumers using electronic mail.

With the growing number of e-mail users, email or electronic mail is now considered as one of the best marketing tools because of its swift delivery of messages to consumers, hence, a faster way of selling products to buyers. Most advertisers and/or businesses preferred e-mail marketing nowadays. Even starters who've just recently ventured into putting up their business online opted to small business email marketing with a hope to gain possible costumers. I personally think that this medium of advertising products is effective. I myself receive a lot of email messages from online shops I subscribed to everyday and I admit it is helpful on my part to easily check on the new products and services they offer.


  1. Yan siguro sis yong mga email na minsan narerecev ko with link, shopping site for electronics or bags.

  2. I still dont understand the use about email marketing sis. Paana ba yan? BTW, I like the way you did the lay-out. :)


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