Sunday, March 27, 2011

Divine's Memoirs' Victoria Secret Giveaway

I’ve been meaning to join this giveaway since the past week but I just didn’t able to insert the time of blogging about it. Finally, I am free today and my PC is not acting up. It usually sleeps during this hour, I am glad it is being cooperative.

Divine of Divine's Memoirs is giving away these prizes below to her readers and followers in celebration of her daughter’s graduation. Thank you so much for the generosity!

The Prizes:

Drenched in Pink sweet and tart Supersoft Body Lotion 500ml
Love Spell Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml
Merry Vanilla Twirl Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml

I so love it! Victoria Secret is one of The Three Chies’ favorites. We, for the most part love the scents and lotions by Victoria Secret for a reason its fragrance would stick for more than 24 hours on the skin and clothing. So, I would definitely make my sissies happy if I could win these prizes. Well, they always have a share as sharing semothing I can share to them had been my role in life. Tsk.

I am sure you want these awesome prizes too. You still have a chance to bag these prizes home. Simpy visit Divine’s Memoirs: Victoria Secret Giveaway to learn how to join and to earn more entries for more chances of winning.

And oh, there are more prizes.

The Bonuses:

2 sets of Aficionado body and bath spray collection

This giveaway runs until April 11, 2011 and opens only for participants who reside in the Philippines or with a Philippine address. For more info, visit the giveaway link or click here.


  1. hi! thanks for adding the thrift hunter badge :) added you too to the thrift hunters list. hope you can join us on our weekly thrifting meme..

    Lui of GirlonaThriftHunt

  2. I want to join this too Chie kaya lang kanunay ko kalimot waaaaaaa.

    anyway, nakatawa ko sa imo comment sa ako PF entry, imo diay tong natilawan ang flower hahaha...pasabot lang na Chie nga bata jud diay ka adtong imo tong gi-try ang lasa hahahaha.