Cheep's Preparation for Their Shrimp Ball

My youngest sis was busy earlier in preparing for their 'Shrimp Ball' (which is tonight) organized by their school. The ball is exclusive for HRIM students as the name of the ball says 'shrimp'. Oh, they are not going to wear shrimp costumes nor will I let my sister wear one although the color of her dress is similar to the color of a yummy fried shrimp. But before I show you the gown, I'll show you first what I got for her just to look lovelier at their ball.

I got her San San Fake Eyelashes and San San Creamy Matte Pink Pout lipstick. The lipstick is creamy yes but I was disappointed by the color of the shade on the lips. 

I also got her a sachet of Hortaleza Hair Spa treatment and a bottle of HP Style Lock Hair Spray. Oh, I love the smell of the hair spray but it indeed lock your hairstyle! I'll definitely look for this one next time. I got these and the San San's from HBC

Of course, during evening parties and balls accessories are always present. I got her a long fashion necklace and noisy bangles. Cling! Cling! I love that sound when it comes from me. That silver and gold clutch is my old one that I've been using and keeping for more than 3 years now. I lend it to her just for tonight lol! Also, I lend her a pair of earrings (i forgot to take picture), which was a gift to me from Demcy. The shoes!? Well, I forgot to take picture too. 

Now for the gown!

I bet some of you recognized this gown but for those who do not, this gown is what I wore during the induction of officer in our college department back in 2008. At the present, I no longer fit in this gown. We'll see tomorrow how my sister looks like in this gown. Oh, I did her make up and I am not very good at it. So, it was just a simple face painting I 


  1. Fabulous would love too see the picture soon, for sure she looks good.

  2. I remember it sis...ehehhee...fabulous kau ka ani tan-awon nga dress....nice color...bagay sa imong skin tone.


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