Cheep's FitFlops and Henna

Cheep got a new pink fitflops, I am envious. Lol! I did thank her already for choosing pink, as she always does, because I can use it for Pink Fridays. If Cheem and I love pink, Cheep is addicted, too addicted is an exact term. There were times she went to school in all pink from her sling bag to shoes. So, here's the fitflops she boasted to me.

I feel sorry for her though because Chizka played with her fitflops and now that pretty pink pair are now inside the trash bag. Pop goes the money in the bin. Tsk..tsk! Aside from the pink flops, I am also sharing with you her pink and black henna she got at her school. It's pretty isn't it? The henna guy didn't do a good job stroking her name though.


  1. ouch, kasayang ba lamang ...pero nice man ang henna tatto..hehe

    agi ko Chie..

  2. love it sis, super nice.... heheheh! Agoy dili ba sakit na.

  3. nice henna sweetie girl na girl pero sayang ang fitflops

  4. so cute, ganda ng henna astig ang dating.hehehe

    btw, i am using my new domain blog. imported my all in one to wp. hope you find time to add and follow. thanks!

  5. wow! so funky sis! hehe... cool!


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