Cheep At The SHRIM Ball

I know you didn't anticipate for these photos but I did promise in my previous post, Cheep's Preparation for their Shrim Ball, to show you my sister's look the day after. But I wasn't able to show photos of her right away due to my busy online schedule. I finally uploaded the photos today to share to you. 

So here's how my sister looked like that day. I did her simple make-up.

I am not a pro when it comes to make-up for I don't use it even to myself everyday. A facial cream, lip gloss and eye liner are fine with me so it is also what I did to my sister's face.  I am not going to make this post very long. I only intend to keep my promise of showing my magic hands that pimped my sister's face for their Shrimp Ball. Or did my magic hands really made a difference? 


  1. Tagal ko hinintay to ah, joke lang. Maganda nga pagkaayos simple pero rock este beautiful. Mas maganda talaga kapag sa bahay lang nagpaayos di tulad sa parlor at sa mga bakla over sa kapal ng foundation..hehe


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