The Three Chies United

This seldom happens, so whenever the three of us are together we really make the most out of it. Cheep and I were surprised that night when Cheem arrived at my unit. Both our brows were all knitted as to what on earth did Cheem think of visiting. Much more when she said she wanted to stay for a night. It's not like her. 

So we went out that night. We went to this new bar called "Sight and Sound" located by the boulevard. We did enjoy but my sisters didn't drink alcohol. That's how they were when I am around and...until now scared I would beat them up. So we only had a glass of soft drink for each then we left. Since the barbercue huts were just few walks away from that bar, we thought of stopping by for a late dinner/snack. While having some barbecue, we talked and laughed just like the old times. Then we did some catching-up-with each other talk. It's where we enjoyed a lot right at that barbecue place. We stayed there for about two hours then we decided to go home. We took few sticks of pork barbecue too for my dog. 

At the age of 24, I am trying to fit in my younger sisters' world to bond with them and understand them. It is not hard. Easy, actually for I've been there at their age. I am just glad that my sisters are still as respectful to me as they were. I love them so much!


  1. HI Chie, salamat sa laag.. haguy.. kagwafa man diay ninyong mga chies oi... :) agi pud ko..


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