Pink Saturday: Cheem in Pink

My younger sister, Cheem paid me a surprise visit yesterday night. It was a surprise for I didn't expect she would visit. I didn't even know she arrived. She was just at our parent's for 2 days after she arrived from Zamboanga. Well, we didn't know she went there as we do not know most of her whereabouts. She comes and goes, that's how she is yet we still love her and miss her everytime she strolls away. 
She looks better than the last time I saw her, which was on New Year.I like it that she gained a little weight and that her hair is a bit longer. 

Look a that hair. It is newly done, newly colored. I am really happy she didn't cut it short again. She was the first one who broke the three Chies' promise which is not to cut our hair short. 

She looks great, isn't she? She is actually the loveliest among the three Chies. Darn, I missed her, we missed her rather. We had a fun bonding that night. It's a good thing Cheep stayed at my house that night or else she missed the three Chies' bonding. 


  1. Sounds like you and your sister had a really nice visit... Happy Pink Saturday!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne


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