Girls Talk: The Stupidest Move For Love

I do have my share of stupidity when it comes to love. Among those stupid moves I did, I got two that I think are stupidest. Let me enumerate.

The first stupidest move I did for love I think was sending a love letter. I was fourth year high school student then when I fell so deeply to one of my classmates. I didn't know if that was really love I felt. All I knew is that I kept thinking of him and that I cried everytime I saw him with our other female classmates. I am not the type who flirt or who obviously show my feelings. I just got no nerve to do that. I wanted so much to tell him I felt something for him but I want it privately. So what I did was sent him a love letter. I called him "my Bobby Andrew (my favorite actor back then)". So I wrote in the letter...To: Bobby Andrew and then blah blah with a closing - your secret admirer. I found it stupid because until now he doesn't know who his secret admirer was. 

The second stupidest move I did was with hubby. Three days after we personally met he took me to Boracay. It was my first time there. I was 19 then. While at Bora, we already had these little fights over our exes. I cleared up with my ex already so the problem was him. I even read a text message on his phone from his ex-gf saying she'll be arriving to Bora a day after (he erased the sent messages so I got no clue of his reply). Reading that text message from his ex, I already had an idea that he's still had a thing towards her. Even I knew that there's a problem between us, I swallowed my pride and pretended we were ok. Well, it was stupid of me right? I loved him. I was more stupid when I left, leaving them two together when the right thing I should have done was to fight for us, for our love. 


  1. Hmm, pretty interesting. Sometimes we can't help but chuckle with those moves.

    Pardon me for being nosy, Sweetie but the ex really came to see ur hubby at Bora?

  2. Actually, I think it was a good move. If you had confronted him, your next move would have been to force him to choose. At least, not letting him know that time, you let him do the choosing on his own. And he obviously made the right choice because he chose you!

  3. hmm, that was a pretty interesting story, i agree with nj, your hubby made the right choice because it was him who fought for you in the end :)

  4. us girls talaga my pain tolerance..hahahaha..

    well at less iyong-iyo na sya ngayon..

    happy GT!

    heres mine..

  5. the first one was so funny, lol! as for the second one, i think FATE backed you up, because you still ended up together...

  6. our feelings most of the time betray us, letting us do stupid things. i am guessing you are all over your exes now, what with the love that you seem to show for your husband (obvious on your posts here on your statuses on FB. hee hee)

  7. i thinbk at one point in our lives, we're all bound to do crazy things- all for love.

    Happy GT, here's my entry, hope you'd visit back

  8. the first one was so cute.. i think i also did something like that when i was in grade school.. haha!!

    Followed you in GFC. Hope you can follow me also!

    Happy GT!!


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