Featured Wadrobe: The Tubes and The lil' Models

I am up to share some wardrobes at my personal meme again, the Featured Wardrobe. I will be sharing some tubes for you and this time, the models are two of the most especial people in my life, my lovely little sisters.   I really took advantage of the time when Cheem was here.  I really made use of it by letting her and Cheep strike lovely poses together for Featured Wardrobe. So my little sisters modeled their own tubies for my camera and here goes their model-like poses:

Here are my lovely sisters in black and red tube.
Cheem's in black, Cheep's in red

This time, Chizka was starting to get in the picture. 
She wanted to a strike a model-like pose too. Clever little turd!

Even though my dog, Chizka was bothering them, my little sisters still managed to finish an hour pictorial session. Thank you so much my dearest for helping me out. Thank you so much for the support and for the lovely poses. The Three Chies is nothing without you both. You are my inspiration and the reason why I am still keeping this blog up. I love you BOTH so dearly!


  1. haguy..pagkagwapa sa mga model.. asa man ka? ikaw ang maniniyot... hahahah... agi ko Chie.

  2. wow sweet naman nila :) 3 sis pala kau :)

  3. sos ka beauty sa mga model...:) apil unta pod ka sis...blue nga tube...eehhehe!

  4. wow, so sexy. napa nganga ako. LOL.

    happy v-day sis.

    hope you can leave some comment on my post -


    thanks much.

  5. kaliwat kaau nga guapa oi....


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