Cheem Wants To Be A Nurse

Other reason why my younger sister wants to be a nurse, aside from helping the sick, is to feel the soft cotton scrubs on. She’s more on fantasizing on sporting it around that’s why she is still on the stand-by lane and still out of school. Recently, she was being passionate about going-back-to-school talk. She said she would like to get a course she wants and promised she’ll do good this time. My mother and I thought of giving her another chance hoping she will not screw the chance again. We have to trust her this time, that way we’ll build up her confidence and make her inspired of finishing the course.
It would be nice to have a sister who can take care of us when we are sick right? Besides, my sister will really look great in white nursing medical scrub top or a ua uniform. I searched online for nursing uniforms and I found a lot that would fit my sister. I can imagine her wearing some of those someday. There are lots of medical uniforms I found in a site that you can buy directly online like medical lab coats. There are also medical scrubs for men and women of different sizes. The site as well offers wholesale nursing uniforms.


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