Biphosphonate Side Effects

We get to play experts sometimes with our health. This is linked to irresponsibility by buying over-the-counter drugs or medicines not thinking of the bad effects it can give to our body, to our health. I admit I do it sometimes to get a quick medication and I am sure some of you too. Although we know it is not safe, we still go for it. Well, all medicine for sure has side effects. What drug that you know of has no side effects? Even prescribed drugs are not safe.
One of the most dangerous prescribed drugs known lately is Fosamax. Have you ever heard of Fosamax? Fosamax is a drug that belongs to a class of bisphosphonate, a class of drug that slows down the loss of bone. In other words, it is used to protect bone mass or density. This drug is usually prescribed to and taken by post-menopausal women as this drug treats osteoporosis. This as well prescribed to cancer patients sometimes to prevent major bone-loss because of the cancer treatments and given intravenously during chemotherapy. This drug sounds very helpful but lately there are risks and side effects reported about this drug, which leads the company who marketed this drug to facing fosamax lawsuit.


  1. And with recent studies, there are more and more discoveries are being known about the possible side effects that bisphosphonates can give so better be careful.


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