Weekend Plan: Beautify My Unit

My youngest sister and I talked about redoing the placements of my home fixture and furniture last night. We are hoping to have a wider space in the living room and a covered dining area. We planned on doing it this weekend for she has no class. We will then proceed to do a general house cleaning, which includes cleaning the garden. While talking about it, I happened to think of replacing the curtains on the windows into blinds. It would be nicer to use blinds as substitute of curtains. I thought of getting wood weave blinds for the windows in our living room and kitchen to blend with the color of our wall paint.

I found wood weave blinds online that would definitely look best on our windows. It’s the Mandalay Wood Weave Blinds you can see in the picture above. We have a beige wall paint and chocolate brown wood accent. This wood weave blind is just good for it or at least won’t look awkward. Imagining it is already making me excited. It’s been a while since the last time I got my hands full on beautifying my little unit. And this weekend, I’ll be sharing that duty with my youngest sister. It would be fun!


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