Indulge Yourself With Tabasco Heat

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just what sauce do you exactly want on your pizza? Mine is Tabasco Original Red for it kicks my cravings away for that real hot pepper sauce. I always love hot or spicy foods and only Tabasco pepper sauce gives me an idea of what really is a real hot pepper. Since I don’t know how to cook serious recipes that much, I usually use it simply as hot sauce for simple fried foods or add it to the marinade mixture.

If you are the kind who loves adding hot pepper sauce on your pizza or on any food like me, I am pretty sure you heard about the famous TABASCO® Original Red pepper sauce. It has been around completing cooks’ spice racks and seducing people’s taste buds since 1868 when McIlhenny family introduced it. It is the very first sauce they introduced, which gained fame in a blast. To date, it still leads in the kitchen as flavor enhancer completing every dish with too much more than hot spiciness.

In this football season, Tabasco Original Red is your pizza’s perfect mate. Why not indulge yourself with Tabasco’s too much more than hot spiciness for a perfect goalie kick and bring home a trophy? For those who are staying home to watch the Super Bowl, you can munch on that pizza with Tabasco Original Red pepper sauce while watching. Check out Pizza Perfected to learn ideas on making perfect pizzas that will bring out your real hot cheers for your favorite team. Or if you feel like trying other dish, try some simple ideas and recipes at Game-Day Party Menu.
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