Have You Tried Mobile Phone Recycling?

Are your old phones cluttered in your drawer and don’t know who to get rid of them? People with the dough change their phones like changing clothes. If you are one of them, I am sure you have several collections already. What are your plans for those? Are you just setting those phones on the corner just to earn dusts? Why not make use of them by having them recycled? Have you heard about it or have you tried having your phone recycled? Do you think it is a wise idea?

I knew about mobile phone recycling about two months ago although I haven’t tried. I was so tempted to have my other phone recycled but I was scared of not getting anything from it. I was as well scared my mobile phone will be devalued from its price when I bought it. I have a phone here that I need to get rid of and having it recycled would be a nice idea. It is the N95 model of a Nokia brand. There is this site that offers mobile phone recycling where you can see the prices of mobile phones you want to recycle. The recycling value of my N95 is about 58 pounds, which is reasonable for a three-year old phone. You might want to check the site and see how much your phone’s recycling value is. 


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