GT: The Final Resolution

I missed the past topics about resolution but this week, I tried my best to find time for we will be talking about the final resolution to life in general. Well, I have a few....

  • I'll face and handle every life situation maturely. I used to just stamp my feet, whine and then break something when unpleasant situations occur. It is just too childish I know but couldn't help it. It has something to do with my rotten temper too so I'll try my best to eliminate my bad temper.
  • I'll stop smoking. I just got back into my smoking habit about a week ago after getting mad about something. I need to stop it badly! 
  • I'll depend on no one but myself. I've been very dependent to my family, my husband and friends. This time, is my time to depend on myself. I know I can do it, I am just scared to spread my wings of independence. 
  • I'll be more giving to myself than to others. Never will I be milked again...not anymore. I've been very helpful to others money-wise yet I couldn't find them when it's my turn to ask for their helping hands. I will rather spend that money I'll giveaway to myself like buying stuffs I want. For now, I am eying a phone of my dreams. I'll try my best to save for it. 
These are the main things I want to accomplish this year and I do hope I'll be able to do all these.


  1. Cheers Chie.. sana magawa natin yan... hehehe... Good Luck dear..

  2. Goodluck on your resolutions, Chie. I am pretty sure you can make do it.


  3. yes, spread your wings and fly, sis. you can do it. good luck!

  4. three cheers for 'no smoking' girl! good luck... and yes, never allow yourself to be taken advantage of again.. good luck!

  5. I hope you find the will power strong enough to achieve all these resolutions.
    Perhaps the most difficult part is probably controlling your temper. I too like you, have an issue with that.

    All the best!


  6. good luck on purchasing your new phone soon! more opps for you this year :)


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