Cheep and I Need To Sweat

Performing regular exercises is one way to keep our body healthy and fit. We may eat healthy foods or take a proper diet but without exercise, those healthy foods are useless. This is what I kept reminding to myself, which I just followed – to do some forms of exercises daily or at least keep my body working so I sweat. Doing serious household chores like doing a general house cleaning once a week was the only form of exercise I’ve done lately. And that was once a week. No wonder my metabolism was slow or was slower that these days.

Other form of exercise is sport. Playing a sport you’ll love doing is one great way to step up to the healthy ladder. My brother had been encouraging me to join him playing his sports like tennis for that’s a bit womanly than basketball. Well, my sister Cheep and I actually thought of it because Cheep seemed like catching up to my weight. She gained few pounds too and it bothered her. Well, I am more bothered. We both needed to sweet badly! So last month, we started performing daily exercises together. We came up of doing simple indoor exercises like sit-ups. There is a new indoor exercise we tried called power skipping. We do it using skipping rope and slowly, we learned how to increase vertical jump. Our brother joins us sometimes for he needs it when playing basketball.


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