Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sale (for her): VS Pillowtalk Tank Pajama

Save up to 25 to 50% off Victoria Secret sleep wear featuring this Pillowtalk Tank Pajama available in colors dark and light pink, gray and black.

Original Price: $49.50
Sale Price: $19.99
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Product details:

  • Scoop-neck knit tank with embellishments in supersoft cotton
  • Full length knit drawstring pant has elastic waist in super soft modal
  • Tank top is imported cotton; pant is imported cotton/modal/spandex

Come and grab this dream discounts on Victoria Secret sleep wear. You can either get this for your self or send this as a gift this holiday season. This soft and comfortable sleepwear is the perfect end to your every evening.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cheem Got Me An LV

My Christmas, so far was awesome. I able to spend it with my family and the highlight, Cheem contacted us and told her whereabouts and sent us a parcel full of gifts on the 25th. Unfortunately, I didn't able to take picture of the gifts because my phone's battery died and there was no way to charge it for I grabbed a wrong charger. We also have no camera because somebody borrowed and haven't returned it yet. But don't worry, you'll get to see the LV bag that my sister got me on Christmas Day. I know that LV is just a replica. It could be an A, AA, or Triple A replica, whatever it is, I don't care. I am happy that she hasn't forgotten about us on Christmas day and that she knows what I love best - bags!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Enjoy 15% Off at the Bunny Shop

Shop the Bunny
The Bunny Shop is taking 15% off your orders over $75 using a coupon code. Check out photo above for the code. If not clear enough, the code is PBB15OVER75. Grab this discount now on or before December 26, 2010. Simply click the photo above to take you to the site and avail the discount. Enjoy your holiday shopping at the Bunny Shop!

Hot products at the Bunny Shop: Click on photos to shop the bunny!
Leopard Exotic Thong with Sash
This has 2 looks he'll love. Microfiber thong with versatile leopard print chiffon sash, which can be worn tied around waist, or tied around neck for a different look.

Hayden Thong Set in Marabou Bag
Can't decide which color suits her best? Give her all three, plus a fun, reusable marabou bag with white fur detail. Each thong features a felted bunny head with rhinestone eye at front and double elastic straps at sides. S(2-4), M(6-8), L(10-12).

Playboy Golf Large Duffle Bag 
Get ready for a day of golf with this large stylish duffle bag. Multi-functional compartments rest at front of bag with logo embroidery and a top zip closure. Details include dual carrying handles, a removable shoulder strap, and four plastic feet at bottom. Dimensions: 23 inches in length x 10 inches wide x 13 inches high.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cheep's Birthday Gift For Me

What is it?
I have not opened it yet. She asked not to open it until she left tonight because she is shy saying it is just so simple and cheap. She's afraid I might not like it and doesn't like seeing my disapproving reaction. Lol. I don't care if she or anyone will give me cheap stuffs as long as it is given from the heart. I am cheap anyway, in a good way. Well, I have an idea of what's inside but I dare myself to keep the feeling of excitement. We'll see tomorrow what's inside that pink gift wrapper. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prizes I Won from Pink Magaline

I won Pink Magaline's Christmas Giveaway!!! The moment I knew it I was so excited that I jump for joy. It is such a nice feeling to know you won something. I exerted effort to win the giveaway and so I deserve it. The parcel arrived early this afternoon through AIR 21. I already know my prizes but I was still excited that I opened it right away.  

To share my excitement, I would like to open the parcel again with you. This is also a proof that the prizes are on my hands right now.

Here are photos of me wearing the tank top, the shorts, the ethnic bracelet and the Forever 21 leaf earrings:

I am just so glad that the tank top and shorts fits me although I gained weight. So here goes my flaunting. Now you see my athletic legs and arms. You also have an idea how tall I am now. Lol! I hope you won't mind.

You too can win prizes like this at Pink Magaline. Watch out for Pink Magaline's monthly giveaways. Don't dare miss a month, who knows you'll be the recipient of the prizes.

Gift Ideas For My Little Sisters

This post brought to you by Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for nice gifts at reasonable prices this Christmas? Christmas is a time of giving and spending. Talking about spending, with our economy’s current situation, why not spend our blessings reasonably on reasonable gifts? It is the thought that counts anyway and not the price tag. As long as the gift is given heartily, it is priceless. I know a store online where you can fine awesome and thoughtful gifts at prices you can afford. Whether the gift is for your partner in life, for your sisters, brothers, parents, godchildren or for your officemates,  Pier 1 has it all.
Now if you can’t make up your mind as to what gift you are going to get, for example for your sisters, simply tap your mouse on The Idea Room option you can find at the top navigation of the site. It is where you can find holiday gift ideas. Their gift ideas will impress you and of course, the prices too for they are really affordable. I actually made up my mind on what to get as holiday gifts for my family right away after checking on its holiday gift ideas. For my sisters, I would like to get those Python clutches I found at Pier 1 as it is listed number one on their list. Come and visit Pier 1 now and have a great holiday gift shopping!

Pier 1 supports Toys for Tots and being their costumer, you can as well extend your helping hand through this site this December by dropping off cash donations and/or unwrapped toys. You can also like Pier 1 Imports on Facebook to show your support. Every "like" is counted as $1 donation to Toys for Tots.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Music Monday: The Little Christmas Tree

Advance Merry Christmas everyone. Wooh! That most awaited day is really near. I wish I'll spend that day with my family. Anyway, it is time for Music Monday and my share is a song by Jose Mari Chan again. This time it is a song titled The Little Christmas Tree. This song is just right in time to share because I just put up my little tree last week.

Little Christmas Tree
No one to buy you, give yourself to me
You're worth your weight in precious gold, you see
My little Christmas tree

Promise you will be
Nobody else's little Christmas tree
I'll make you sparkle, just you wait and see
My little Christmas tree

I'll put some tinsel in your hair
And you'll find that there's a strange new change
That you have never seen
I'll bring my boy a toy
He'll jump for joy
To see his bright new queen

With me you will go far
I'll show Saint Nick the tree you really are
And there'll be peace on Earth when Daddy lights your star
My little Christmas tree

With me you will go far
I'll show Saint Nick the tree you really are
And there'll be peace on Earth when Daddy lights your star
My little Christmas tree

You're big enough for three
My little Christmas tree

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sale: Eco Make-Up Brush Set

Set includes:
Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Baby Kabuki in cemp & cotton cosmetic case.

Price: $10:99
You can find this at Three Chies' A-store

Support our environment using this eco-tools. These brushes' Handles are made with bamboos, recycled aluminum ferrules and soft, cruelty-free bristles. Grab this set now and include in your make up kit. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink Saturday: Savings On Ponds

Almost everyone go for cheaper stuffs that would save some pennies for another buys. I admit I love getting stuffs on the bargain rack, stuffs that have awesome percentage of discounts or the buy-one-take-ones.

I guess my youngest sister got that being cheapstake from me for she went home one day with these stuffs. She got these Ponds beauty products for me. In the house, I am the only one who uses Ponds. My sisters are too faithful on Skin White and they'll never trade it with other beauty products unless they're out and left with no choice. 

Come and join the fun posting photos of your pink stuffs at Pink Saturday. Simple click on the badge for the info on how to join. Enjoy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

DSK's Luxurious Christmas Giveaway

I want this LV Neverfull MM in Monogram but having this depends on my luck on DSK's 1st giveaway, a luxurious one right in time of Christmas. This is just one of the choices in line for the lucky winner to choose that has a value of $700. Whew! How I wish I could be that lucky winner who'll get to choose among the LV bags in the selection. Well, I'll definitely choose this bag below. 

You can have a chance to own this LV bag too. Visit DSK and join the luxurious Christmas giveaway, the Louis Vuitton Giveaway! This giveaway is open worldwide and runs until December 25, 2010.

Benefits of FitFlop Footwear

“Get a work out while you walk” is FitFlop’s message to everyone who uses their footwear. FlipFlop footwear is biomechanically engineered, developed by real researchers in UK. It features micro wobble board technology, which you can feel on its foot bed. This wobble board technology is said to be beneficial to our body and posture and helps tone and tightens the leg muscles. Now, FitFlop is everywhere. It even reached here in the Philippines.

FitFlop benefit on women:
help increase leg and bottom muscle activity (up to 30%). (so you feel less ache in your hips and knees) ,
absorb more shock than a normal shoe (up to 22%),
help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints,
reduce foot pressure.
FitFlop Footwear
FitFlop Women's Gogh Clog,Black,8 M US FitFlop Women's Electra Toning Sandal,Pewter,8 M US
FitFlop Women's Walkstar 3 Toning Sandal,Chocolate Nappa,7 M USFitFlop Women's FF Superboot Tall Toning Boot,Black,8 M US
FitFlop Women's Supertone Lace-Up Toning Sneaker,Tuxe Black,9 M USFitFlop Women's Mukluk Toning Boot,Black,6 M US
FitFlop Women's Hyka Sandal,Dark Taupe,7 M USFitFlop Women's Rebel Toning Sandal,Chocolate,10 M US

Which pair do you have? Well, I don’t own any so I can’t tell if these benefits are really true or this wobble board technology really works. The only way to find out is buying a pair and walking it out, right? I would love to add this to my Christmas wish list.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Featured Wardrobe: Shortkini

Can you dare to wear this short shorts or bikini short to some, which in short called shortkini? It the case of shortkini shown below is made of denim therefore called denim shortkini. For sure some can dare. Well I can and my sisters can as well. I have no problem wearing this short shorts as long as I feel comfortable with it and with the people around. Meaning, I only wear this short shorts only with people that I am comfortable with like my family and friends.

Wearing short shorts or shortkini at the mall is a "no-no" for me though. People will likely stare as if talking to their conscience asking how this stout piglet dared to wear the shorts. Frankly speaking, some people really do that and some simply give you a bad look as if you just got out from a bar. If you are just an ordinary woman, when wearing short shorts, you'll be mistaken as a bar girl. But hey, look at those celebrities they are wearing short shorts too! 

Some may feel bad seeing girl wearing shorts as short as this but we don't care. It is fashion and we are comfortable following and wearing the trend.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday: A Perfect Christmas

Since it is almost Christmas day, I thought of sharing a wishful Christmas song titled A Perfect Christmas by Jose Mari. This song is for those wishful hearts, like mine, who wished to spend Christmas with their loved-ones. This song made me teary-eyed while listening.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

PS: A Pink Gift

I am wondering what I will get this 24th birthday of mine. Oh my, I am getting nearer to my day, I'm getting a year older! My unforgettable gift was last given on 22nd birthday. It was a gift wrapped in pretty pink gift wrapper with matching pretty pink ribbon and card. It was from hubby. Inside was my favorite scent from DnG. Last year, he got me a pair of cute butterfly earrings placed in a cute burgundy paper bag. I didn't able to take picture for I put it on right away. 

I wonder what he will get me this year.

Come and join the fun posting photos of your pink stuffs at Pink Saturday. Simple click on the badge for the info on how to join. Enjoy!