Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Month's Top EC Droppers

I would like to introduce to you my top entrecard droppers this month:

If you noticed, I only have nine top droppers in my list it is because one of my top ten droppers was deleted by EntreCard for a reason I do not know or didn't bother knowing.  To my top droppers, accept my warmest thanks to all of you. I as well thank those who were not able to make it to my top list. I thank you for visiting and dropping.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GT: Emotionally

It is Girls Talk time again. As you may have noticed, I didn’t participate last week. I am not very open to others or just don’t feel like talking about my relationship with God. I don’t go to church very often as other people do but I do believe and have faith in Him.

As for the topic today about what I love about myself when it comes to emotional matters, well what I can say is that I can be strong and I can be weak. I break down and cry when I feel pain or touched by a movie I am watching. I get mad when something or somebody make me mad. I laugh when I feel happiness in my heart. It is just as simple as that. I am a human being and my emotion goes along with what is happening in my surrounding. But if in a situation when I have to be strong for the sake of my loved-ones or if I know they are looking up on me as their strength, I would try my best not to break down.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where To Buy Cheap yet Elegant Burberry Scarves

Burberry scarves and shawls can be very expensive especially when buying from luxury retail stores who sell designer items. This gives ladies a reason to go to EBay and Craiglist, where they find it a lot cheaper to shop. Aside from these two popular sites, here are other online stores you can also check out:
Burberry official website

Just as you think the official website of Burberry sells officially expensive scarves for women, you might be wrong. Click on their sale category and under accessories department, you will occasionally find scarves and shawls on sale. Aside from getting the latest styles and designs of their scarves, you are also ensured of the authenticity of their products.

Check out Amazon

Amazon is an online retailer of just about any product you may need to buy. You will find cashmere, silk, and other types of both brand new and used Burberry scarves here, giving you cheaper options.

Visit shawl and scarf specialty shops

Unlike luxury retail stores, shawl and scarf specialty shops can give you the same items at cheaper prices. They even have sale items almost every time, except probably for new arrival items. Examples of these websites are,,, and

Join ladies' online forums

In online forums, you can discuss anything and everything you want about a common interest. Try joining an online forum about fashion or any women's forum, such as Vogue and search if a topic about finding cheap Burberry scarves had been discussed. If you cannot find any, start a new thread and get ideas from other members. There are also other members who may happen to be selling fashion accessories, including brand new and used Burberry scarves.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, do not forget to also solicit ideas from your lady friends and relatives. They are the ones who can really give you honest advises and recommendations.

You know that designer scarves can really be pricey. If you plan to get a Burberry scarf somewhere else besides Burberry shop itself, be careful when you shop. Especially when a particular design is too cheap compared to other shops, that scarf might not be authentic. It is always good to go over feedback of sellers to get the product you expect and check shops' customer reviews and ratings to get the best scarf you deserve without hesitations.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alexander McQueen's Leather Lace Boots

Howdy everyone! I am not feeling well today. My migraine attacked when I got up this morning and my body temperature raised to 38 degrees. I decided to go back to sleep after I had my breakfast to rest myself hoping to feel better but I got up from a daymare. I am glad I was able to move and wake myself up before  totally losing my breath. It could possibly end me like how it ended one of my friend's life.

Now, I am feeling a little better and trying to wake myself up by surfing online, surfing for something that can totally wake me up and look what I found! I found these leather lace boots by Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer whose unconventional designs and shocking tactics earned him designer of the year awards several times.

Let us experience some of Alexander McQueen's boots that I wouldn't mind owning, and I am sure some of you wouldn't mind too.

SCRIMSHAW GILLY BOOT has a screaming price of $1,435.
It is a celtic lace-up pump with leather laces and 'scrimshaw' carved platform. Heel height is 135mm.

If you want a not too scary heels, Gilly Boot is a good choice with a still expensive price (for me) of $935.00.
It is still a Celtic lace-up pump with leather laces. Heel height is 115mm.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Join A Teacher's Link Exhange Project

I am joining Ma'am Vernz's project, A Teacher's Link Exchange Project for her new blogs. And since it is new, she needs linky loves. This project is for those who wish to have a lot of link exchange. This is very helpful to those who have just started blogging and need more linkies. So come and visit A TEACHER'S LINK EXCHANGE PROJECT and join now before it ends which will be this 25th of August.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest Shopping Picks

Orange Whipstitch Leather 'New Jackie' Large Hobo

Who could say no to this large, of about 18'' at widest by 14'' tall weighing  3 lbs., orange whip stitch grain leather hobo by Gucci? I bet you can't especially if you  are over obsessed with bags. This bag was on sale last week but now this style are all sold out at bluefly. I told you, bags obsessed ladies can't say no. This is a must-have!

Thicket Dress

I never wear dress outside the house or if hanging out with friends. I think that I look like a  rolled rice cake inside a rolled banana leaf. But looking at this  cotton Thicket Dress made me feel like sporting it around the whole city. This dress is just so cute, the embroidery and everything. Plus this dress is kinda' affordable having a price of $68.00. If you thinking of having this dress, give it a visit.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheep and Her New Pink Blog

Cheep, the youngest of the Three Chies finally has a blog of her own entitled CHEEP. She finally decided to enter the web by sharing her own story starting from her college life and any random things about her that she feels like sharing to her journey towards adulthood through her own blog. Her blog would serve as a record book of her progress in school and anything regarding her college life. She was very happy when she finally see her final blog with all that cute graphics and cute layout I made for her. I wish her all the best in blog land.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Win This Pink Victoria Secret Tee

Pink Magaline is hosting another contest where entering for a contest entry is easy. You just have to be her blog's follower then leave a comment on her contest post answering few questions and that's it. You are entered to her contest. This time, she is giving away a pretty pink tee from Victoria Secret. If you are up to grab this prize, hop on right now to Pink Magaline. This giveaway is open internationally. Join now before it ends which will be this 13th of August, 2010.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pink Watches for Pink Girls

It time for "I Pink" again. What I am sharing today are photos in my want list. I would love to buy either of the two for my youngest sister. She is extremely vain for pink stuffs and one of these watches would be great to be added in her collection. I prefer the first one because it is made of leather and it has a pink ribbon as a sign to be aware of breast cancer. Buying the first watch is like supporting breast cancer awareness.

Whimsical Watches Women's G1110001 Time for the Cure Pink Leather Watch
Whimsical Pink Watch

Casio Women's BG184-4V Baby G Square Pink Jelly Watch
Pink Jelly Watch

This second watch on the other hand is cool. Since it is digital, it would be easy for her to check on the time. Plus, it is kinda' sporty. Well, I'll see which one she will choose when my blogging money meet the cost.

Show off your pink stuffs and join I love Pink meme every Thursday.
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Gt: I Am Powerful, Mentally

It's another bragging moment at Girls Talk. This week, it is all about bragging our mental or intellectual power. Well, to give you a hint of how powerful I am mentally, let me all tell you this: "if you are smart, I am too so give me a high five"!
Seriously, I am not that smart. I only owned the fourth place with most thoughtful, most respectful and most helpful in class from grade 1 to grade 4. In grade 5 to grade 6, the only awards I got was most thoughtful. In high school, well I sucked until college because I was not able to climb up to the top ten. It was not because I was dull but because I didn't take my studies seriously. I speak and write better English than my college classmates actually. I call my self fast learner and determined. Never will I sleep until I learned what I wanted to learn perfectly. So, yes I am powerful, mentally.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Racer Costumes For Your Little Men

Four months from now, we will be celebrating Halloween again. How do you get yourself ready for that kind of dress-up fun? Or if you are not participating into that kind of dress-up game, then your kids would surely love to be dressed with those fancy or scary costumes. What costume do you have in mind for them? A fairy or a batman costume is quite common. It had already been sported by many kids during the many Halloween celebrations. What about being cool and different this coming Halloween by fitting your boys in greaser yet raging costumes like that of their favorite car racers?
Looking for those cool racer costumes being mentioned, there is only one place online where you could find those for your kids and that is in Costume Kindom. Costume Kingdom now offers Hot Wheels Costumes for your little men. Some of the costumes you can find in Costume Kingdom’s Hot Wheels Costumes theme are Nascar Racer costumes, Hot Wheels racer costumes and Hot Wheels Racer Muscle costumes. These costumes would surely look great on your boys and possibly, they can be the envy of the many. Go get these costumes now while they are on sale prices. I assure you, your little men will love wearing these costumes over and over.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Butchie's School Uniform

I am just sharing here a glimpse of my blogging blessings. But first, you must be wondering who is Butchie or Butch for short or Ramier Jr. in real name. Well, he is the three Chies' only brother. It is actually "The 4 Chies" which our parents usually call us but our brother has no place in blogging so it is just "The Three Chies". Our brother is the second child, next to Chie or me. He is currently taking up BS in Marine Technology with the help of my blogging money. Yes, I am so proud to say that. Just last week, we, the three Chies got his school uniform and we were so happy upon seeing it. Check out the photo below.
That's my blogging money right there cost Php2,500. Being the author of this site, I am so happy that I am earning a few. My English may not be excellent but I am aware my English is good with some flaws. Lol. Thank you so much to blogging. I can't wait to see my brother wearing this uniform.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink Lacy Undies

I was hesitating to post this photo of my new purchased pink lacy undies from one of the department store here in the City but for the love of "pink", I am sharing this to "I ♥ Pink". I bought these undies last month. I just fell in love with the colors and the laces. I haven't wear these undies yet since the day of purchase.

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GT: Loving Me, Financially

Our theme this week in Girls Talk is "Financially". We are looking on the positive side, therefore we will be talking about what we love regarding our financial status. So here goes my share:

Girls Talk

I was never a breadwinner since I never had a great job. I was not  really able to help my family big time. I am just glad that my mother is so resourceful enough to support us and his drunkard husband (when dad stopped working). When I got married, it was my husband who were indulging my family with a good life, not me. It was kind of an insult to my part but recently, to date, I can say that I am doing good financially with the help of blogging. With the help of my blogging money alone, without my husband's bank help, I was able to enroll two of my siblings in college last June and will be paying for their tuition fees.  I was able to buy school stuffs for them like uniforms, shoes, bags and then some and will be supporting with things they need in school. I was able to help paying some of our bills. These may be only few things but I am so happy for myself that I am supporting my siblings' education using my own money. It is like an accomplishment for me. I hope I'll receive more opps (wink!).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kids Educational Toys on Sale Prices

For all mommies out there, this is your chance to save on educational toys for your kids at All mommies, who are more particular to their kids' education than the daddies, want to educate their kids at the early age. Educating the kids at the early age is best for them because it will develop and sharpen their intellectual competence as they grow up. Since kids love to play, the best way to educate them is by letting them play educational toys. Talking about educational toys, here are some ideas from that are best for your kids to play.

All these educational toys can be found and are sold at This site sells all kinds of educational toys and games that can be played for both young and older children. Some of the games are jigsaw puzzles, family games, arts and crafts making games that are best to sharpen your boys and girls’ creative thinking. For early science learning, has games and toys that are related to science like robots and some science making kit. If you will visit the said site, you will really enjoy choosing which educational toys you will bring home to your kiddos. I am telling you, all the toys you can see in there are all helpful to your children’s early learning. So hop on there now and take your pick. The good news for you if you’ll visit today is that, these educational toys are on sale prices. So, enjoy the discounts!

Win a Pair of Julia Shoes

Win this pair of Julia shoes from, a largest retailer of prom dresses. It may not be a time yet to put on your heels but winning this will keep you ready for that moment. 

Winning this pair of Julia shoes is easy. You just have to be a follower of the giveaway host, Sherry and become a fan of on facebook. This giveaway is open to everybody and ends on 29 July, 2010 at 10pm (Malaysia Time). For more info on how to join, visit Sherry.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where To Buy Luau Invitations?

Do you wonder where to buy luau invitations? Well, wonder no more because is a perfect place online to shop for that. Luau by the way is a highly structured Hawaiian feast where people in Hawaii feature or prepare a wide array of traditional foods, drinks and entertainments to the invited guests usually hosted by a commercial organization. Nowadays, luau often blended with a concept of a party or celebrating special occasions such as graduation luaus or graduation parties, weddings, birthday parties, bountiful harvests, and victories.
When planning to prepare a luau, luau invitations are needed and has it all. Luau Invitations provide a wide collection of attractive and impressive luau-themed invitations you can choose from featuring, of course, the iconic images of the Hawaiian Islands but with modern twists. Just check on their design gallery to choose which one you want. There are some invitations in there that impressed me actually and I am sure those will impress you as well. If you have designed your own invitations with your own personal twists on it, you can upload it and have it printed at as well offers variable data printing where you can print the names of your guests on the invitations. The sizes of invitations they offer are 4” by 6” and 5.5” x 8.5”. Visit their site now and have a great luau time!

Win A Brand New Coach Satchel Bag

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to beautiful Umma of Mom Conversations for inviting me to the grand blog contest of hers. I call it grand because Umma is celebrating her 6th wedding anniversary with her ever loving husband this July and as a celebration, she is giving away a beautiful Coach Satchel Bag worth $300. It is a big wow! This giveaway is something that most women would love to have, including me. Hosting a blog contest for the first time, isn’t she so kind and generous to give away a bag with such cost? If you are up for a chance to win this Coach Satchel Bag like me, visit Umma and join her $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest before the 28th of July. Any bloggers can join because it is open worldwide. Multiple blog entries are allowed for a more chances of winning.

Mom Conversations
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Adidas Running Shoes for Men and Women

Are you running along for this year's MILO marathon? Are you on the run to achieve the goal of answering the children's dream to have a pair of rubber shoes? Before you run to achieve that goal, you might need to get a pair of running shoes first for you to use to run for a cause. Here are today's finds:

For Men:

adidas Men's Duramo 2 Running Shoe
On Sale. Prices ranges from $39.99 to $49.99

adidas Men's Supernova Glide Running Shoe
On Sale. Prices ranges from $69.95 to $89.91

adidas Men's Marathon 10 M Running Shoe
adidas Men's Marathon 10 M Running Shoe
Sale Price: $71.99

For Women:
adidas Women's Kanadia 2 Trail Running Shoe
adidas Women's Kanadia 2 Trail Running Shoe
Price: $62.96

adidas Women's Vanquish 3 Running Shoe
adidas Women's Vanquish 3 Running Shoe
On sale. Prices ranges from $47.90 to $49.95

adidas Women's Ignition 2 W Running Shoe
adidas Women's Ignition 2 W Running Shoe
On sale. Prices ranges from $28.80 to $59.99

Pick your choice now and get ready to run for a cause - to help the little talented children have a pair of rubber shoes they've been dreaming to have.