Top 10 EC Droppers on Nov.

I almost forgot posting my last month's top ten entrecard droppers. I hope my dear droppers would forgive me for that. So here are my top droppers for the month of Novermber:

Droppers' Blogs No. of Drops
The Twitterer 25
Ur Entertainment Port 25
Jennyholic 24
Gilberto's Blog 22
Technology News 22
gobigbluecats 20
Confessions of a Wannabe Writer 15
eastcoastlife 15
Three Fates And J Grow Up 14
Vascular Ultrasound 13

Thank you so much my dear droppers for all your visit. I wish to see you again in the list this month.


  1. Geez, thanks for the mention! Visit me sometimes, have a great week!

  2. congrats for all top droppers.. happy blogging! :)

    greeting from
    the diary


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