Prizes I Won from Pink Magaline

I won Pink Magaline's Christmas Giveaway!!! The moment I knew it I was so excited that I jump for joy. It is such a nice feeling to know you won something. I exerted effort to win the giveaway and so I deserve it. The parcel arrived early this afternoon through AIR 21. I already know my prizes but I was still excited that I opened it right away.  

To share my excitement, I would like to open the parcel again with you. This is also a proof that the prizes are on my hands right now.

Here are photos of me wearing the tank top, the shorts, the ethnic bracelet and the Forever 21 leaf earrings:

I am just so glad that the tank top and shorts fits me although I gained weight. So here goes my flaunting. Now you see my athletic legs and arms. You also have an idea how tall I am now. Lol! I hope you won't mind.

You too can win prizes like this at Pink Magaline. Watch out for Pink Magaline's monthly giveaways. Don't dare miss a month, who knows you'll be the recipient of the prizes.


  1. awwwwwww....daghan sa daug woi...congrats again sis....:) sexy kau si Mrs.Wilks....:)

  2. wow! congrats sis! bagay kaayo sa imo ang tank ug shorts... witwew kaayo bai! sayang wa man diha c hubby... hehehe!


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