Pink Saturday: Savings On Ponds

Almost everyone go for cheaper stuffs that would save some pennies for another buys. I admit I love getting stuffs on the bargain rack, stuffs that have awesome percentage of discounts or the buy-one-take-ones.

I guess my youngest sister got that being cheapstake from me for she went home one day with these stuffs. She got these Ponds beauty products for me. In the house, I am the only one who uses Ponds. My sisters are too faithful on Skin White and they'll never trade it with other beauty products unless they're out and left with no choice. 

Come and join the fun posting photos of your pink stuffs at Pink Saturday. Simple click on the badge for the info on how to join. Enjoy!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday. I am so glad you joined us today.

    I love a bargain, too. Ponds has been popular and reliable for a very long time.♥

  2. There is nothing wrong with Ponds products. They have been around for a long time and I have used them through the years. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  3. hahaha... Thanks for sharing and Merry Pinks to you and your family!


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