Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music Monday: Love Can't Lie

The Three Chies joins Music Monday. Yep, this blog decides to join Music Monday tonight. And to start with the music contribution, I am sharing my younger sister's (Cheem) favorite song titled Love Can't Lie by the Philippines pop princess Sarah Geronimo. This song is usually Cheem's first song or warm up song when we hang out at a videoke bar.
Why I chose Cheem's warm up song for a first Music Monday post? It is because I miss her a lot. It's been 2 weeks since she ran away home. Again!? It's always like that when she's scolded by our dear mother. 

Love Can't Lie
by: Sarah Geronimo

Still recall the warmth of the night 
Try to ease the pain in my heart
And now that your out of my sight
Tears fall from these eyes

Echoes of my voice slowly die 
Fears in every corner of my mind
And even if it's over
Still can't bear with time

How could you go?
How could you say goodbye?
It hurts inside cause by now
Still can't find the reason why love can't lie

Knowing that my life is so unkind
So leave my thoughts and mem'ries behind
But angels brought me to the past
I'm with you at last

In you i have found my life
You brought me to paradise
Happiness that i can't hide
I feel inside

(Repeat Chorus)
(Pepeat Ref)
Repeat Chorus

Still can't find the reason why
It's hard to try with cryin' all the time
My fate is you and somehow keep myself from lovin' you
Love can't lie


  1. beautiful song for a lovely lady....she looks great with yellow sis...:)

  2. Nice. I like it. Hope your sis is back and safe :) Happy MM!